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It’s an age old query in just about any sector: When are you ready to acquire new devices? It’s no various from the mailing market. A classic inkjet process or another mailing gear gets out of date, the manufacturer stops helping it, and parts become almost impossible to locate. Are you ready to update… spending funds you may not have, hoping generating? How about buying a utilized coffee printer or utilized mailing products? Confident, you cut costs, but won’t you wind up inheriting exactly the same problem within a quite short time?

But can you actually manage to wait? What goes on if one thing splits in the midst of a task, and it is unfixable? What about the modifications going on in the mailing sector–are you gonna be completely ready for the following one particular?

Then why not a “bolt-on” method? You could potentially up grade to an alternative system on your own existing carry bottom. You can add this type of method to a number of units which include Buskro, Kirk Rudy, Videojet, MCS, among others. A fresh bolt-on program would possibly go beyond your older mailing devices in speed, quality, boasting… nevertheless it expenses significantly less than a new process with a brand new transport basic, and you also don’t manage the same hazards you might when purchasing utilized inkjet solutions or applied mailing equipment.

XiJet Lexmark Bolt-on Package: The XiJet Lexmark employs Lexmark generating technologies, letting you attain substantially higher speeds, with coupled with top quality. Inks are available for aqueous and other lustrous shares, in addition to numerous colors. Boost your rates of speed to well over 20,000 pph, without sacrificing top quality.

XiJet Hewlett packard Systems: If you choose HP technological innovation, we provide the identical XiJet foundation because the Lexmark, with uv flatbed printer technological innovation. A programmable encoder establishing permits us to “call in” the machine for max good quality and the application interface goes below Home windows 7 & 8, with functions that include PDF Tearing, PDF Evidence, and increased barcodes. Also included using this type of ffprnl is the ability to established printer cartridge user profiles, that are options for temperatures, voltage, and firing frequency. This lets you use some of the most recent “hostile” inks from businesses like Collins Printer.

The Buskro Atom: Are your quantities substantial? How would you like the option for using Ultra violet Ink or Solvent ink, to dried out on just about any materials? And is container ink cartridge too expensive to your amount? The Buskro Atom is a commercial printhead, by using a good deal label. It offers the capability to address snail mail, printing graphics, and can work together with an “off the shelf” Personal computer. Professional printheads provide several benefits, and at the proper quantities, the ink savings may be plenty (as well as thousands) of money each month.

Bolt-on inkjet solutions are ideal for individuals crossroads when you’re completely ready for an improve but can’t rather devote to an alternative process. They’re a great alternative to used mailing equipment, since the dtg printer itself is really new–it’s just being installed to your utilized foundation… a single you already personal and won’t must pay added for.